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Helping children pick books that are appropriate, exciting, and suitably leveled is a daunting task. If the books we give to our kids are not enjoyable for them to read, they won't read. Likewise, if the book’s reading level is too hard, children will become frustrated and quit.

Our bookshelves are designed similar to a library. The books are divided into sections based on their target audience as well as their level.

Picture books – Picture books moms read to their kids.

Learn to read – Books for beginning readers; guided reading level A- I 
 Easy Reader Chapter Books.
Juvenile – Chapter books; guided reading level is J-Q.

Early teen – Books that appeal to upper grade elementary kids ages, 10 and up; guided reading level R-Z.

Young adult – Books for older audiences; Some may contain more mature themes.


We do have a few “mom-tested” suggestions for picking books:
  •   Some guided reading level books may cross over between categories, and often books in the same series will be in different categories as the characters get older. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask if your child’s school has a reading specialist. Most specialists have excellent suggestions which will be grade appropriate.
  •  Don’t assume that your child will like the same type of books that their siblings liked, or that others his/her age liked. Often finding the right kind of book is a great first step in helping kids learn to read. 
  • Be wary of letting your kids read books that are too hard for them. They tend to get frustrated and may resent having to read at all.
  • If you are wondering if a book is appropriate for your child, choose books where the main character in the story is about the same age as your child. This is not a exact indicator but generally is a pretty good guide.
Scholastic has a great chart on their website for determining levels of books. http://teacher.scholastic.com/products/guidedreading/leveling_chart.htm

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