The Mark of Athena: Heroes of Olympus book 3
Rick Riordan
AR level: 4.8
Lexile Level: 690L

My recommended age: 10 and up

The time has come for Greeks and Roman to unite and save the world... if only everyone would just share their toys and play nicely.  Unfortunately when the heroes from Camp Half Blood fly into New Rome on their megaton warship, complete with big guns and a giant metal dragon head, things don't go exactly as planned.  The prophecy of seven quest starts out with a bang as Leo, Jason, Piper, Anabeth, Percy, Hazel and Frank have to hightail it away from the Roman army determined to end the journey before it begins.  Can this unique group of demigods really make it to Rome, lock the doors of death and save Nico?  Can Anabeth have the strength and wisdom to succeed in saving her mother?  Just another day in the life of a demigod!

Ok, I admit it, I love the Heroes of Olympus series!  My favorite feature of these books is how Riordan takes ordinary things and turns them into something totally random as part of the story.  It seriously makes me laugh out loud at the things he comes up with.  After finishing Son of Neptune I couldn't wait for this book, and the only thing I didn't love was that I have to wait again for book 4.  I had really hoped this series would be a trilogy, I need resolution!  This book was pretty much the same as the others, fight a monster, kill a demon, find a lost treasure, and somehow manage to retain all of your limbs.  Nothing to be offended about unless you are extremely sympathetic to psychotic gods and giants, in which case you might want to try Jane Austin.  Another great read, looking forward to book 4... can we please have a tetralogy?  (yes I had to google that)


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  1. I Love this series as well. Reading it to my kiddo's. We are taking our time on this one because we know that we will have to wait for the fourth.


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