Author: Ingrid Law
Lexile Measure: 1070
Grade Level Equivalent: 8.5
Newbery Honor Book
My Recommend Reading Age: 11 and Up

When my daughter brought this book home, she was less than excited to read it.  I, on the other hand, was so excited!  Any time a book has a Newbery Sticker I am drawn in!  Add to the sticker, characters with magical talents, and a close-knit family, and I'm sold!

The Beaumonts are an unusual family. On their 13th birthday (and sometimes before) each family member gets their "savvy" -- an unpredictable super natural power.  One family member controls the wind to cause storms while another generates electricity.   On her 13th birthday, Mibs is hoping her Savvy will save her family.  A few days before her birthday her father was in a car accident and now lies in a coma in the hospital.   Knowing that she has the power to wake her father, she sets out on an adventure to reunite them! 

I loved this book!  The story is fabulous and I loved the relationships among all the characters.  It is wonderfully clean with nothing offensive and I believe it will appeal to readers of all ages!  

Happy Reading

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  1. The title and beautiful cover attracted me to this book at the library and I snapped it right up. I was pleased and enjoyed the family reality of a family with special powers. Very cool. And, of course, an adventurous and completely unreal series of events made this an entertaining book. Likeable characters, for sure!


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