Author: Veronica Roth
My Recommended Reading Level: 15 and Up

While the word insurgent sounds more like a fancy insurance company than a book title, its actual definition refers to a rebellion.  It means to "rise in active revolt".  After finishing Divergent, you may be asking yourself, who is there left to rebel against?  Which is where Veronica Roth starts in...

The Erudite (intelligent) faction has just used mind control to cause the Dauntless (brave) to invade the Abnegation (selfless) compound and kill many of its members.  After escaping the slaughter,  Tris and Tobias (Four) are trying to piece together the events of the mass killing and the reasoning behind it.  The two travel with a small group to the various factions in order to seek answers as well as allies.  It is only when they decide to align themselves with the factionless that answers come and Tris must weigh her love for Tobias against her desire for the truth.  

If you are thought the synopsis sounded violent, then you will not be surprised by the shear number of deaths and injuries in this book.  It has a high body count both from "unknown" characters as well as those who we have known through the series.  There are intense occasions when both Tris and Tobias are threatened with execution. Characters are tortured and the injuries received while under mind control are almost morbid.  The violence in the last scene of Divergent carries into Insurgent and if anything increases. 

As if violence weren't enough, the romance takes a few steps up as well.  Tris and Tobias's intense relationship far surpasses the superficial romances in many other young adult books. More than once, the two "passionately make out" including once while lying in a bed with her only wearing a nightshirt and him in pants.  While there are several references to "wanting", for the most part, the two keep it together.

If you loved Divergent then you will enjoy this book.  While I did finish it, I felt that I could have used a refresher course in the various factions as well as a character breakdown.  I also felt that it was a little too violent and passionate for my tastes, and I definitely don't want my kids reading this, so I/we may sit the third book in the series out.  

Happy Reading

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