Witch and Wizard

Witch and Wizard

Author: James Patterson
Interest Level: Grade 8 - Grade 12
Grade Level Equivalent: 4.9

My Recommended Age: Let me make it clear that I do NOT recommend this book, but if your kids are begging... Ages 15 and Up.

Fifteen-year-old Wisty Allgood and her Seventeen-year-old brother, Whit, are awakened in the middle of the night to soldiers invading their home and dragging them to prison. Trapped because of their unknown magical powers, they are sentenced to death as soon as they turn eighteen.  They break out of prison to find their parents, but find a resistance army of other teens and children, multiple realities, and a very violent world in chaos. As they search for their parents they discover their destiny is in far greater things and they must conquer their powers in order to save the ones they love.

Sounds pretty cool, huh...which is exactly why I picked it up, only I wished I hadn't!  It is almost too intense and scary for younger readers, but boring and slow for older readers.  There is plenty of violence including murder, and imprisonment, as well as creatures eating humans.  There is mention of Whit drinking and some minor partying, but it is all past tense.

The theme of the book is pretty dark and depressing.  Not the thrill ride I had hoped for.  Keeping that in mind, if you are looking for Witches and Wizards, perhaps Harry Potter might be a better choice.

Happy Reading

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