Princess Academy: Palace of Stone

Sequel to The Princess Academy
Author: Shannon Hale
Lexile Level 890L

In the months since her time at the Princess Academy Miri has started a school in Mount Eskel and improved the living conditions for the people of village.  Now she and the other Mount Eskel girls have been raised to the status of nobles and been invited to the Asland capital as the Princess's ladies in waiting.  Expecting everything in the Asland to be perfect, Miri is surprised to find that life for those in the capital isn't as wonderful as she expected it to be.  The "Shoeless" who live there are starving, just as the people of Mount Eskel once did, and resentment is building.  Miri finds herself in the middle of a revolution, where a few well chosen words may be the only thing that can save her, the princess, and even Mount Eskel.

As an avid fan of Shannon Hale's books, I was so excited to see this sequel to the Princess Academy.  From the moment I pick it up, I was brought back into Miri's fairy tale kingdom and lives of the Mount Eskel girls.  The story moved along nicely and kept me involved to the last page.  Nothing offensive here, just a good clean read!  This is a don't miss book!



  1. Agreed! I loved it. I know revolutions are usually more "messy" but was glad there was some positive resolution to things by the end of the book.

  2. i just read this one too. i didn't love it as much as the first one, but it was a fun read. where does amy find time to read. :)


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