Delirium Series Book 1
Author: Lauren Oliver
Lexile Level 920L
My recommended reading level: 15 and up

For as long as she could remember Lena Haloway has looked forward to the day she would be cured from the delirium... the disease of love.  "Deleria" is the ultimate cause of all human suffering.  After all, it's love that causes heart attacks, stroke, wars, even death, and by curing everyone, the government is providing a world of safety and peace... or so Lena believes until she meets Alex.  As their friendship grows, Lena realizes that she has been infected with the deliria, and also that everything she's been taught to believe is a lie.  People can't experience happiness without knowing pain, and being "cured" is the equivalent of losing the ability to feel.  Lena must decide if she is willing to risk loosing herself for the good of society, or go along with the safety net that has surrounded her since she lost her mother to the delirium.

This book came highly recommended so I expected a lot more than what I read.  While the idea of "love" as a disease was original, the story itself was a basic retell of many of the other young adult dystopian stories that are so popular. Not to mention there was only about 50 pages of actual dialog in the whole book, the rest seemed to be Lena vacillating between getting cured or not... it got a bit old really.  Be aware that the language in this book is extremely lousy to say the least, there is a lot of kissing, parental disobedience and really, plain stupidity.  It was really disappointing because the story had so much potential.  Overall, this book kept me entertained enough to drive my family all the way home from Chicago, but it's definitely not going to win any awards for well, anything...


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