11 Birthdays

Wendy Mass
Lexile 650L
My recommended reading level: 9 and up

Amanda and Leo have shared all 10 of their birthdays- that is until last year's ended in a fight.  Since then, they haven't spoken a word to each other, and this year they will have separate birthday parities for the first time ever... except, they happen a second time... and again... and again.... suddenly Amanda and Leo are having same day, (their 11th birthday), over and over.  Stuck in a cycle they have no idea how to break, the former friends reunite to get the world to just move on.  Together they discover the secret to the oldest feud in Willow Falls, and why it has suddenly forcing them to eat birthday cake 11 days in a row.

My 11 year old daughter has been asking me to read this book and put it on our blog for the last 6 months... I wish I'd put it higher on the list!  It was a really cute story that entertained and me made laugh.  The characters were typical 11 year olds, with 11 year old logic, which was refreshing because they seemed real (and not perfect by any means), even though the story is obviously fictional.  Nothing offensive in this book, it is just a great fun read!


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