The Son of Neptune

The Heroes Olympus Series: Book 2
Author: Rick Riordan
Grade Level equivalent: 4.7

Percy Jackson, hero of camp half blood and savior of Mt. Olympus, awakens with no memory of who or where he is.  All Percy knows is that he has been missing in action from... well, somewhere for a while.  Fighting off countless creepy monsters who refuse to die, Percy fights his way to Camp Jupiter, a safe haven for Roman demigods.  After proving that he is no Greek wimp, Percy and his new friends Hazel and Frank set off for Alaska to rescue Thanatos, guardian of the gates of death, so those pesky monsters will just stay dead!  The trio meet some interesting characters on their way north, and each discovers hitherto unknown talents and solidifies the bond that will make them worthy to be a part of "The Prophecy of Seven".

Having read all of the original Percy Jackson series, as well as The Lost Hero (all of which I enjoyed), I have to say this was my very favorite.  The humor spread throughout had me laughing out loud.  I love how Riordan turned so many ordinary life things into subplots of this book.  It was great!  That much being said, this book is so much like all of the others... meet a monster, kill him, meet another.... well you get the idea that beyond the humor there wasn't a lot of "different action"; however, for the target audience of 5th - 7th grade boys, it is perfect!  Nothing that would offend here, the fighting was on the same keel as the previous books, and really, if you are on book 7 of Percy Jackson, you should have the idea!


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  1. I have read the Lost Hero and now Son of Neptune to my kids. We love Percy. Looking forward to the next book to come out.


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