Hattie Big Sky

Hattie Big Sky
Author: Kirby Larson
Lexile Measure: 700L
DRA: 44
Guided Reading: V

My Recommended Age: 12 and Up

Anytime a teenage girl is brave enough to give another teenage girl a book for their birthday, one would assume the book must be really good.  So when my daughter opened Hattie Big Sky, I immediately grabbed the book from her and read the synopsis.  And then I thought...really, that's it?   Needless to say, the synopsis didn't appear very promising.  As such, the book sat on our shelf untouched for a year.  Fortunately, I came across it the other day and thought to myself, it won an award, it can't be that bad, and I picked it up and read it...and I loved it!

Usually at this point, in my book reviews I post some type of synopsis, but everything I have tried to write sounds just as bad as the book jacket...so here is a short synopsis, but keep in mind while you read it, that this is a very good book. 

When 16-year old Hattie, receives word that she is the beneficiary on her late uncle's homestead claim in Montana, she decides to leave her home in Iowa and prove up on the claim.  She has always been known as Hattie-Here-and-There and she is determined to find a place where she belongs.  Upon her arrival in Montana, she is faced with the realization that making a home for herself may not be as easy as she anticipated.  

Pretty bad...huh? I will be taking suggestions for a new synopsis in the comments section :)

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  Hattie is a strong female character who is charming, funny, beautiful, and smart all wrapped into one.  She is writing her school friend, Charlie, who is serving in the war and through her letters we experience a heart-warming friendship/romance that is fun to read.  There is tension regarding her loyalty to America, as her dearest friends and neighbor's are originally from Germany, which has caused many of the townspeople to fear them.  There is nothing questionable in the book, and it is a very enjoyable read.

Happy Reading

P.S - As of today, my daughter has yet to read the book, in spite of my glowing recommendations.  I am considering removing the cover of the book and renaming it "Surviving". Then I will redesign the cover with a plain cover background (probably shiny black) and a single white flower on the cover, and there will be no synopsis.   I also might change Hattie's name to something a little more enchanting...Heather, Caroline, or maybe Bella...

Those simple changes and it would make the best seller list in a week!

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