Book #1 Birthmarked Trilogy
Author: Caragh M. O'Brien
My Recommended Reading Age: 14 and Up

I waited on the library wait list for this book for what seemed like an eternity.  When it was finally my turn for the book, I happened to check out two other books at the same time, both for my teenage son.  Not realizing that Birthmarked wasn't for him, he jumped right in and started reading.  All of the sudden I hear this cry from the other room..."Grooosss!  Mom what is this book, and why did you check it out for me!" Alas, he got an unanticipated lesson in childbirth which was a little more than he bargained for that day!

Sixteen Year Old, Gaia Stone, is a "midwife in training" in a small village near an enclosed city called Enclave. Those living outside of the city are required to "advance" three of their newborns each month. This means that the delivering midwife is required to take the infant from its mother and take it to the Enclave where the baby will be raised inside the city walls.  After her first delivery, Gaia returns home to find her parents have been arrested and are now imprisoned within the city.  Determined to prove her parent's innocence, Gaia breaks into Enclave and finds that things there aren't as perfect as they've always seemed.

Gaia is a wonderfully strong teen heroine. She fights for what is right and is an admirable character to say the least.  There is nothing offensive with in the book, however be sure your girls understand the in's and out's of child birth and midwifery or this book could be an eye opener.  As with other dystopian novels, the problem of inbreeding within Enclave is also addressed. 

I thoroughly enjoyed it, even if my son didn't and am excitedly awaiting the second in the series!

Happy Reading

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