The Death Cure

The Maze Runner Series: Book 3
Author: James Dashner
Grade Level Equivalent: 5.3
Lexile Level: 760

The Gladers have survived both the maze and a blazing trek through the scorch trials in a test of strength which pushed them past endurance.  Now the trials are over and WICKED wants the Gladers help to complete the cure for the Flare.  Yet after all WICKED has put the Gladers through, can they be trusted?  Time is running out as this deadly disease progresses, and Thomas must decide whether he can trust the organization with which he was once an integral part.  As Thomas and his friends race to find the cure, time is running out for the world.

This last book in the Maze Runner series was amazing.  I thought it was a great end to the story and loved reading it.  The content of this book was right on par with the first 2, so when you pick up this last volume you won't find anything new to offend you.  Overall great book, great series!


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