The Limit

The Limit

Author: Kristen Landon
Graded Reading Level: Z
Lexile Level: 690L
DRA: 70
AR: 4.4

My Recommended Age: 12 and Up
Most 13-year olds are not concerned with the their parents credit card limits or even how much their parents earn, however, in Matthew Dunston's world, if a family goes over their government mandated limit their oldest child is taken to a work house.  However, he is sure that this will never happen to him.  That is until one afternoon when the family is trying to buy groceries and they receive the message that they are over "the limit".  By the time they make it home from the store, the black car is waiting to take him.  Matthew soon realizes that his assignment to the coveted top floor of the workhouse is not everything it seems and he must discover the truth behind the security cameras, strange school assignments, locked doors, and falsely kind school administrators.

Considering the current economic situation, I can not think of a more plausible scenario for a Dystopian novel.  While many feel that money can be spent at will, I believe that this book illustrates a valid point with regards to spending money that you don't have.  In my opinion, this book ought to be a must read for all high-school financial literacy classes.  The book is clean with little violence and mild language.  It is a fast paced quick read that is easy to jump into and keeps you interested until the end.  Both my son and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

~Happy Reading

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