Matched Series: Book 2
Author: Ally Condie
My recommended reading age: 13 and up

Giving up her comfortable life in the Society, Cassia chooses to be reassigned to the outer provinces in order to be reunited with Ky, the boy she is forbidden to love.  After spending 3 months on a work detail, Cassia hears word of Ky's location, and escapes in order to find him.  Crossing rugged terrain that threatens to test her past her limits, she and Ky are reunited, and together they work with some new allies in order to find the Rising.  

While my feelings on Matched (Book 1) were a bit ambiguous, I did want to read the second in the series, if no other reason than to see how things worked out.  Having finished it, I probably should have just read the encyclopedia.  The story moved along at a reasonable pace, and there were aspects that were interesting, but overall, it reminded me of a sappy romance novel with whiny characters.  I hate to say it was worse than Twilight, but it's definitely right there.  The author was trying too hard to write this teen romance, and only succeeded in making it nauseating, (there were many eye rolls on my part).  The violence was similar to the first book, and there wasn't' anything offensive, so kudos to Condie for not offending me.  I'm still debating if I'll read the third book... hopefully there will be cliff notes this time!


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