Legend Trilogy: Book 1
Author: Marie Lu
My recommended reading age: 12 and up

Born and bred to be a star in the Republic, June is a 15 year old prodigy.  With a perfect score on her Trial, there is little doubt about how far she can rise within the military ranks.  That is until June's perfect world is shattered when her brother is murdered by the republic's number one criminal, Day.  When a chance meeting brings these two unlikely characters together, they discover that things aren't what they seem in the Republic, and their number one enemy may not be each other.

I gave this book to my teenager for Christmas, and then raced through the pages myself, before she'd even had a change to read the back cover.  It was a fast moving, exciting book which kept me entertained until the last page.  The theme is much like the other teenage Dystopian society series that are so popular right now, but I didn't feel like it was a copycat like some of the others I have read.  There is some language, violence, and very harsh living conditions.  None of it was over the top, and I wasn't the least bit uncomfortable as I read.  Overall this is a great new series, and I am looking forward to the next book.  Hopefully my teenager will have time to read it before then!


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