The Sisters Grimm

The Sisters Grimm Series: Book 1
Author: Michael Buckley
Lexile Level: 840L
Guided Reading Level: R
Reading Level: 4.5
My recommended reading age: 8 and up

Snow White as a school teacher, Prince Charming the Mayor, and what about the three little pigs serving in law enforcement?  As unbelievable as it sounds, that's what Sabrina and Daphne find when then are sent to live with their eccentric Grandmother in Fairyport Landing.  Sure that they have been dropped in the loony bin, Sabrina decides to run away and never look back... that is until a flattened house and an over-large footprint give merit to Granny Relda's claims that Fairyport Landing is home to real life characters from the Grimm Brother's fairy tales.  As Sabrina and Daphne attempt to figure out who has set a giant on the loose and why their grandmother was kidnapped, they become the newest Grimm family detectives.

This book series was a wonderful find.  My daughter read them all first, got her brother on board, and kept pestering me to dive in!  When I finally relented I wasn't sorry.  I raced through all eight of the books currently published, and am eagerly awaiting the conclusion (due out May 2012).  The books were very creative and original, with the fun twist of taking our favorite story book characters and putting them in the 21st century.  I didnt' find anything to worry about in this book, it's a fun, clean read for all ages!


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