The Invention of Hugo Cabret

The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Author: Brian Selznick
Illustrator: Brian Selznick
Lexile measure: 820L

My Recommended Reading Age: 9 and up

This book is proof positive that a picture is really worth a thousand words...and much quicker to read!

Living in the walls of the busy Paris train station, orphan Hugo Cabret's life is all about scavenging for food and remaining invisible. Unfortunately, his life is turned upside down when he crosses a girl and the bitter old man who runs the toy booth, and Hugo is forced to discover that their pasts are intertwined. 

Most of the story is told through pictures which at first seems juvenile, but, is definitely cool! It is a great book!  Because of the pictures, the book seems huge (600 pages huge!), whereas it is really a very easy read. It is a mystery that you have to figure out- as Selznik doesn't give it away. It is a good clean read, however, early on most of the adults are harsh and seem very mean. Hugo's guardian who also happens to be his uncle is a drunk, but it is not a huge part of the story. There are several good messages and good role-models which balance out anything negative.

We loved this book and can't wait for the movie! Although, I can't imagine Hollywood will be able to capture the captivating appeal the illustrations in the book provide. We'll see!

Happy Reading

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  1. I LOVED this one! It is beautiful. What a surprise it was for me to see they are doing a movie--and it appears it will be a movie adaptation to rival the best of them. Can't wait!


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