The Castle in the Attic

Author: Elizabeth Winthrop
Lexile Level: 750L
Guided Reading Level: R
Grade Level Equivalent: 5.9
My recommended reading age: 9 and up

William's excitement over the gift a medieval castle given to him by his beloved nanny is marred by the sadness he feels over her upcoming departure for England.  When he discovers that the Silver Knight who came with the castle is a real man, shrunk by an evil wizard, William sets out to help the knight reclaim his kingdom, and correct a selfish mistake he made trying to keep Mrs. Phillips from leaving.

My fourth graders read this book in school and just loved it, so of course I had to check it out.  I found it to be a fun and exciting story, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  It was quick moving and well written for the target audience of upper elementary school kids.  Nothing offensive to worry about, a great read!


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