Skinjacker Trilogy: Book 3
Author: Neil Shusterman
Lexile Level: 910L
Interest level: grade 6-8
My recommended reading age: 13 and up

Mary is asleep in her coffin of glass, riding along in the caboose of a westward bound train full of Everlost souls.  Determined to keep her children happy and safe, Milos, Mary's right hand man, leads the children towards a new home in the west.  Those souls determined to stop Mary's terrible mission are in no position to help, with Nick a chocolate mess, Mikey trapped in a cage, and Allie tied to the front of the train.  Can they rally and stop Mary and her followers before she unleashes her terrible plan to end the living world?

I enjoyed reading this last book in the Everlost Trilogy, and totally zipped through it.  However, the writing was much more sinister in this book than the first two.  The spirits in Everlost "reap" souls by causing major disasters where lots of children die, then "capture" them before they can make it down the tunnel.  In other words they murder all these innocent kids to get followers for Mary Hightower's queendom.  The way the author describes "reaping" makes it seem like nothing more than stealing apples from a neighbor's tree.  I didn't love that, and there is also minor cussing, which bothered me.  Overall I thought this was a great ending to a fine series.


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