A Cup of Honey

Author: Neile Sue Friedman
Adult non-fiction

At the start of World War II, Eleizer is young and innocent, having spent his whole life protected by his parents and older siblings.  While his family is poor, Eleizer has never wanted for anything.  When the Nazi's invade Poland, life changes for Eleizer as he is torn apart from his family, and ultimately ends up in several  concentration camps.  It takes all of his courage to survive the horrors of life under the Nazi regime.

A good friend handed me this book, which is one of her favorites.  I enjoyed reading it, and found it very reminiscent of the other Holocaust books I've read.  The Nazi's were horrible, and I can't even imagine the mentality to it took to think the atrocities they committed were somehow ok.  Being a Holocaust book there are many descriptions of torture and death, but the author was good to not be overly graphic.  Overall, this was a good read for anyone interested in the how the Holocaust affected one boy from Poland.


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