Author: Ally Condie
Interest Level: 9-12

My Recommended Age: 13 and Up

When I saw the cover of Matched and read the synopsis, I knew I had to read it. Several weeks of waiting on the library's wait list and I was in business! 384 pages and four hours later, I came out of my "dystopian coma" and realized that I was a wife and mother of four and made dinner. For those who are not familiar with dystopian coma's, they are caused when one sits down to read a book about a Utopian society and doesn't stand up until they reach the last page.

Cassia has faith in the "Society" as well as in their ability to match her with her perfect mate. When her best friend Xander's face appears as her perfect match she is certain that the Society is correct. That is, until she sees Ky Markham's face on her match card. Unable to put this "glitch" out of her mind, Cassia seeks out Ky hoping to learn more about him and slowly falls in love. As she does, she also begins to question her society and whether or not it really is perfect.

For anyone who has ever read Lois Lowry's novel, The Giver, this may sound a little too familiar, the similarities between the two novels are almost too many to count. Couple that with the love triangle right out of Hunger Games and you have Matched. Now, I am not one to criticize the recipe for Young Adult romances (one girl who doesn't think she is very pretty + two boys fighting over her = Bestseller), however, this did feel a little like something I had already read, a few times. Really, it felt A LOT like something I had already read.  Even down to the tiny "magic pills". If I were to summarize it, I might say something like this...

"Eliminate all of the plagiarized 'borrowed' ideas and you will have nothing more than a sappy G-rated teen romance with the same old love triangle - a sweet and loyal best friend competing with a mysterious, emotional guy who is really good at quoting poetry hoping to win the faint heart of the fair maiden..."  (sigh from the audience)

And yet, I couldn't put it down...I was sucked right in from chapter 2 and loved every minute of it.  I will read the next one, probably on the day it is released. I loved that the story was clean! I enjoyed the characters and I even enjoyed the suspense of it all. My only hope is that the next two books in the series will stand on their own. Maybe then, Matched will lose it's affectionate nicknames of  "The Giver Wannabe" or  "Hungry for a Game of Match".

Happy Reading

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  1. I liked it, liked it, liked it! While agreeing with you it seemed to be a blended copy of all the books you mentioned--it was fun to read and intriguing all the same. Eagerly awaiting Crossed!


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