The Wanderer

The Wanderer
Author: Sharon Creech
Lexile® measure: 830L
DRA: 50
Guided Reading: V

My Recommended Age: 12 and Up

Let me first admit that the only reason I picked up this book to read was because I thought it was a romance....heads up, this is not a romance!

Sophie is thrilled to be setting out to sea with her three uncles and two cousins.  The only girl among the crew, Sophie is determined to prove her worth and enjoy the journey.  While Cody, her not too serious cousin, isn't quite sure the trip is worth taking.  Between the two of them, and their desire to reach Bompie, their grandfather, they will learn what it really means to be a family, and how love and sacrifice prove stronger than even the fiercest storms.

Even with the lack of romance, I really enjoyed this book.  It kept me guessing throughout, and even had me wishing I was heading off on a ocean voyage.  It is perfect for either girls or boys, as the story is told through journal entries of both Sophie and Cody.  Nothing at all offensive and every bit worth the read.

Happy Reading

On a personal note...when I grabbed this I really wanted a light romance.  I was perusing through the library and saw on the cover of this book-a beautiful young girl, two boys off in the distance surrounded by an ocean, in the Young Adult section- I think I was pretty justified in my assumption that we had a love triangle on our hands. So, when I read the back of the book and realized it was about three cousins, I thought, "well, now how is that going to work, romance among cousins is just...wrong?"  Then, I started reading and realized that Sophie was adopted and I thought, "OK, still a little weird, but whatever..."  Alas, there is no romance.  They are a family and there is nothing even close to a kiss in the whole book. 

So, as my personal request for all book artists out there, one beautiful girl + two love sick looking boys = romance....not the Partridge Family takes a trip on the ocean.  Thanks, Liz

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