Life of Pi

Author: Yann Martell
Adult Fiction

Even before he spent 227 days on a life boat in the Atlantic ocean, Pi Patel already had a story to tell.  Named after a swimming pool and raised by a zoo keeper, Pi is somewhat of a juvenile expert on swimming and all things "animal".  Being an intelligent and curious boy, Pi embraces three religions in his youth, whose doctrines seem to contradict each other.  After all, what can be wrong about simply wanting to serve God the best way you know how?  When Pi's family moves from India to Canada, the cargo ship they're traveling on sinks, and Pi is the only human survivor.  Finding himself stranded on a lifeboat with only a Bengal tiger for company, Pi must make extraordinary efforts to ensure his survival from the sea, the elements, and a hungry tiger looking for lunch.

Let me just say that I feel a bit silly because this book was recommended as a "must read" by a friend, and somehow I got it into my head that it was based on a true story.  So the whole time I was reading, I kept thinking "Oh come on, really!", but figured that since it all actually happened well, wow... turns out the book is fiction- ha!  Be warned that this book is not for the faint of heart or stomach.  The author describes in way too much detail the killing and eating of animals, both by Pi and other animals.  He talks about body innards like they are candy bars and frankly, it was gross.  Of course my view could be skewed by the fact that I happened to be reading about Pi stabbing a turtle through the soft part of his neck and drinking it's blood, while at the same eating tortellini with red sauce for lunch~ugh!  Needless to say I quickly switched to the newspaper and Froot Loops.  In addition, there is also mild cussing.  I thought the book was a bit slow in the middle (227 days in a life boat is a lot), but overall it was an entertaining story and I'm glad to say I read it... once.


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  1. Yep, no need to re-read, but quite the different story! I couldn't decide until the end if the author meant the story as literal or symbolic (uh, yeah, I catch on very slowly).


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