Kitty Corner Series

Kitty Corner
Author: Ellen Miles
Reading Level: 2.3
Guided Reading Level: O
Lexile Level for Book 1: 620L

My Recommended Age: 7 and Up

Note to all those mom's who are in no way interested in even entertaining questions such as, "Please mom can I have a kitten?", or for anyone who hasn't mentally prepared themselves for their children bringing home some poor unsuspecting neighbor's cat under the pretense that they "found this stray little cat", (Like I don't talk to my neighbors and know which ones have cats and which ones don't...especially great big HUGE fat cats...) This series may cause otherwise great kids to turn into Pet Placement Agents...Really, it is not that far off...

Mia and Michael want a pet more than anything, but their parents aren't so sure. When Mia finds a stray cat wandering around their garbage cans, she is sure that the cute little calico can win over her stubborn parents.

Similar in every way (plot, characters, jokes, story line) to the Puppy Place series, Kitty Corner is sure to attract all the feline animal lovers you know. The book is totally clean and even free of sibling bickering like so many others of its kind.

Happy Reading

So far the books in the series are:

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