Kingdom Keepers IV: Power Play

Kingdom Keepers Series: Book 4
Author: Ridley Pearson
Lexile Level: not released yet (the book is too new, we'll update when we have it)
My recommended age: 11 and up

The Overtakers are getting stronger, and the Disney magic is in more danger than ever.  Despite the fact that Malificent and Chernbog are locked up tight in a security prison, the villains are still manage to manipulate Disney's vast computer network, and wreck havoc throughout the parks.  Life for the Kingdom Keepers has been almost normal for several months, when suddenly they are pulled right back into the dangerous world of holograms by some mysterious new DHIs, friends turning into traitors, and the strange behavior of one of their own.  Who can the Keeper's trust to help keep Disney World from going over to the Dark Side.

This much awaited (by my family anyway) fourth installment in the Kingdom Keepers series was a fun read!  As in the previous books, one of the things that is so much fun to read about are all places we visited a few years ago.  The action is intense, although repetitive, and I quickly zipped through this book wanting to see how things were resolved.  One thing that bugged me is that the author didn't seem to remember some of the details he wrote about in his previous books.  There were several inconsistencies that made me go "wait a minute".  I realize that's being picky, and not everyone remembers the "details" as I can, but it annoyed me.  I'm sure most readers won't even notice.  Nothing offensive in here, the book is the same as the others.  Overall, great read, can't wait for the finale (and another trip to Disney World).


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