I'll Walk Alone

Author: Mary Higgins Clark

Zan is a talented interior decorator with a bright future.  Unfortunately, all of her success can't compensate for the loss of her only son, Matthew, who has been missing for two years now.  In constant state of mourning, Zan has dumped all of her money into bringing Matthew home.  Then on Matthew's fifth birthday, Zan is devastated to discover that someone is using her credit cards, impersonating her appearance, and setting her up to look as if she kidnapped Matthew.  With her sanity being questioned, Zan's innocence is doubted by even her closest friends.  Only the knowledge that she is innocent, and the absolute surety that Matthew is still alive give Zan the strength to keep searching for the truth.

Having read all of Clark's previous novels, I was quick to request this book from the library.  One of the reasons I enjoy this author is that she writes a clean mystery.  There is no worry about uncomfortable descriptions or anything with too much information, I don't even have to skip pages.  I found this novel a quick entertaining read (truthfully I read it in about 3 hours, staying up way too late to finish).  Admittedly I find that all of Clark's novels have a similar pattern so it's not terribly difficult to figure out who the bad guy is.  However, if you are looking for a good "treadmill read" that you can gain nothing more than a few hours of entertainment from, this is a book for you!


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