Chasing Vermeer

Author: Blue Balliett
Lexile Level: 770L
Guided Reading Level: S
DRA 40
Grade Level Equivalent: 5.6
My recommended reading age: 10 and up

A stolen painting, an art scandal of the greatest magnitude, a missing friend, and three threatening letters to persons unknown.  With even the FBI baffled, it's up to 12 year olds Petra and Calder to figure out who stole a valuable Vermeer painting before the thief destroys it! These young sleuths must follow their intuition and a series of hidden clues before it's too late.

This book was a reader recommendation from one of our "Power of Moms" friends.  It is a combination of mystery and puzzle solving, including some great pictures with clues in them (none of which I found).  I guess I will say that I must not be quite as quick on the uptake as the tween audience this is written for, because I had a hard time following the beginning explanations on pentominos, and still don't understand much more than they can fit in a pocket... makes me feel kinda old.  Nothing offensive to worry about in this book, just beware that the characters tell a few lies in order to solve the mystery.


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  1. I loved this book, and I couldn't understand most of it as it went along either! Kids should give parents more credit for understanding their dilemmas, though. We have read enough stories of kids who have to skirt the truth and such to know that we might need to listen and help in these sticky situations they get themselves into (only in books, I hope!).


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