Beyonders: A World Without Heroes

Book One: A World Without Heroes
Author: Brandon Mull

My Recommended Age: 12 and Up

So next time you are at the zoo, and you are tempted to lean into the hippo tank, think again.  Or maybe you are at Arches National Park and are tempted to ignore the fence and walk under Landscape Arch, really that might not be a good idea.  These are lessons learned too late for two unsuspecting teens, Jason and Rachel.

Star pitcher of the baseball team with straight A's and good friends, Jason had little to worry about.  Until one afternoon when he leaned a little too far into the hippo tank and ended up being sucked right into another world.  While trying to find a way back home, Jason chances upon a book encased in human skin.  Ignoring the warning, he reads a challenge which forces him on a quest to recover six syllables of a word that will lead to the death of the evil Maldor the wizard ruler.  Jason must journey across the country with Rachel, another "Beyonder", hoping that Maldor will not discover who they truly are, or that his destruction will help them find a way home.

Another great adventure from Mull, this book will have tween boys begging for more.  There is plenty of action, which always seems to include a little violence, although none of it gory.  Characters called Displacers can detach and reattach body parts, as well as characters whose eyes and ears were forcibly removed, though that's not described in detail.  There are some animal attacks, including a snake attack to Jason, but overall the violence was relatively mild compared to many of the other types of books in this genre.
I did enjoy this book, although I thought Jason and Rachel needed to be older than they were.  I will read the next in the series, if for nothing more than to find out what happened to Jason and Rachel's families while they  were gallivanting on their quest.   Did time stand still, are there Amber alerts all over the country for two kids who just disappeared, or were they cloned?  Really, please give me something to ease my mind!   As a mother, I worried about their parents way too much, especially for a fiction book... a detail that no kid is ever going to think about.

So if you are ready for a new series, similar to Kane Chronicles and Percy Jackson, this didn't disappoint.

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  1. This is Seth. I thougth that this book was kind of unrealistic and not up to Mull's usual standard. I did enjoy it, though.

  2. I thought this book was unrealistic and not up to Mull's usual standard. However, it was entertaining. -Seth Larson


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