Steal Away

Steal Away
Author: Linda Hall
Adult Fiction (Christian Fiction)

Have you ever been in a book group and had a book suggested by someone who usually has such great taste in books that you rush out and put the book on hold at the library, but when you read the cover you think..."Did I get the right book?"  Don't get me wrong, it is not that the book was bad, it just wasn't at all what I expected.

When private investigator Terri Blake Addison is called upon by Dr. Carl Houseman, celebrated minister and speaker, to investigate the death of his wife in a sailing accident, Terri is ill-prepared for the double life the minister's wife led. As she continues to uncover the truth, and tragedy rocks the island where the accident occurs, Terri realizes that this investigation is more than meets the eye.

In all honesty, I haven't read much "Christian fiction". I suppose you could count the few Latter Day Saint (LDS) fiction books that I have read as Christian, but it probably wouldn't help my credibility in this matter, as LDS fiction is not typically my favorite unless it is being used as a paperweight. So with that background, this was not a book I would ever read again. I had a hard time with the connection between the murder investigation and it's relevance to Terri's church calling as a Sunday School teacher. Or, how her being the second wife of a church-attending professor was going to help her understand the intimate details of a minister and his family. Rest assured though, it was clean and not at all offensive.

If this type of book is up your alley, go for it! There is a whole Terri Blake Addison series, and I know that my friend just LOVED them all! Personally I thought the book was a little "not very good" and quite disappointing.

Happy Reading

P.S Remind me to block my friend from reading this post, she knows I love her:)

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