Promise Me

Richard Paul Evans
Adult Fiction

Beth Cardall is leading a seemingly perfect life... lovely home, wonderful husband, darling daughter, and fun job.  Then suddenly everything falls apart when her only child comes down with a mysterious disease which baffles the doctors.  On top of that, she discovers that her husband hasn't been faithful, just when she needs him most.  Life is looking pretty bleak for Beth when she meets a mysterious stranger at the 7-11 on Christmas Day.  Can this handsome guy provide Beth with the comfort she needs to heal, or will he break her heart and leave her worse off than before.

I have read and enjoyed most of Evans' previous books, and while this definitely wasn't my favorite of his tales, I did enjoy several peaceful hours of someone else's world (which is the point of this novel).  The romance has a different twist than your typical boy meets girl story, which bugged me a bit, but I can't tell you why because it would ruin the story.  I'll just say, read it and find out, it might not bug you.  Don't expect any deep thinking to come out of your brain as you read this book, but it was an excellent book to unwind with.  Throw in a brownie and you'll have a great at home get away!


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  1. It bugged me! Not a terrible story, just expected more/better/different. Accurate and nice review.


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