Gathering Blue

The Giver Series: Book 2
Author: Lois Lowry
Lexile Level: 680L
Guided Reading Level: X
Grade Level Equivalent: 5.9
My Recommended Age: 12 and up

Kira has grown up in a village where it's every man for himself.  Children are an unwelcome burden and treated as such.  Only the strongest survive and there is no kindness at all.  Born with a twisted leg, it was only her mother's protection that kept Kira from being killed at birth.  Now her mother is gone and Kira must figure out how to survive in this cruel place.  Fortunately her gift with needlework saves her life and allows her to live in the Grand Council Ediface, where she will mend the village's ceremonial robe.  As Kira works on the robe, she finds a friend, and also discovers that the Grand Council has an agenda all it's own.

Having read The Giver last year, I looked forward to reading this second book in the series.  I found the story to be entertaining, but the end disappointing.  Without any resolution I just kept thinking "um... what happened".  It was even worse than The Giver, it's was like Lowry had written enough words and didn't feel like putting on an ending of more than one line.  I'm sure most people would say that this is what made the book a discussion topic, but I do like at least a little bit of closure.  There was nothing offensive, but the treatment of the citizens and children was very harsh.  


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