From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels

The Pioneer Woman: From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels- A Love Story
Author: Ree Drummond

Having been a fan of the cooking blog, The Pioneer Woman Cooks, for some time, I was intrigued when a neighbor of mine offered to let me borrow her copy of the The Pioneer Woman's newly released love story. Fully willing to admit that I had not ever looked beyond the Pioneer Woman's dazzling recipes of butter and cream and a little more butter for good measure (there are times I just look at the pictures and dream of being able to eat even a biteful of her creations...), I did not even realize that she was not only famous for her cooking, but for the story of how she and her husband met.  (Bear in mind, I still haven't checked out any of her other sections on her website...I can't seem to get past the butter.)

For those of you who have read the blog, you are aware that this is the true story of how a pampered city girl met and married her cowboy rancher husband, respectfully known as Marlboro Man. For those of you not familiar with "PW", Ree is the daughter of a doctor who grew up in a privileged home situated on a golf course. She is every bit city girl and is definitely a diva. Leaving her long time boyfriend in California, Ree ventures home to Oklahoma in order to sort out her life and get back on track. While there, she happens upon a "tall rugged cowboy", who captures her heart and ends up as her husband.

Having not read the story on the blog, I was able to jump in to this book for what it was, a cute love story with some very humorous moments. It was not the best written book I have ever read, as it is literally a bunch of blog posts bound together into a novel.  However, if you know that is what you are getting, then it shouldn't bother you too much. The story is very entertaining.

Believe it or not, the book was remarkably clean, though there were some references to "hot and heavy making-out". Also, the characters drink wine, and it was peppered with some minor cuss words. With that background, even though I enjoyed it immensely and it was cleaner than I anticipated, it is not a book that I would hand over to my teenage daughter (although I am probably in the minority on that).

For anyone who has read the story on-line, from what I understand it is not much different than her blog posts and might be a disappointment. Because I didn't know that she did anything other than cook and eat, I was not at all disappointed.

Black heels to tractor wheels is a cute light-hearted story that will make even the harshest critics smile.

Happy Reading

P.S. Marlboro Man does NOT smoke, that is just what she calls him.

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