The Confession

Author: John Grisham

Donte' Drumm's time is running out.  Convicted of a crime he didn't commit, Donte' is only days away from the death penalty.  What's worse, there is no body and no real evidence.  With only hours before Dante's life is to end, the true murderer comes forward with a confession and proof of his guilt. Yet with so little time, will the lawyers be able to prevent an innocent man from being put to death?

Having read most of Grisham's novels, I know he is very anti-death penalty.  I was worried going into this book that it would be a 500 page soap box, similar to his earlier novel, The Chamber.  I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised with Grisham's book.  While the story was rather predictable, I found myself thinking a lot about the death penalty, and actually questioning my opinion on the matter.  I did think the book was at least 200 pages too long, and noticed that I was only reading about 4 words per paragraph through the middle section of the book.  I mean, I know death row is miserable, and I felt bad for the guy, but how many times can you talk about the bad food in prison, and the drive from Kansas to Texas?  We got it already.  Despite the extra pages, I am glad I read this book, and would be interested in what others thought of Grisham's anti-death penalty argument.


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