A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time
Author: Madeline L'Engle
Lexile Measure: 740L
Guided Reading Level: W

My Recommended Age: 10 and up

As unbelievable as this is, when my daughter's teacher recommended "A Wrinkle in Time", I had to admit that I hadn't ever read it. After a brief reprimand, I was strongly encouraged, that this needed to be my next read.

Without knowing anything about it, I was amazed that this book was written over fifty years ago. A Wrinkle in Time is a children's novel which successfully deals with the abstract concepts of time travel and physics, and yet has a very modern feel. Meg Murray along with her younger brother, Charles Wallace, and friend, Calvin, go on an amazing journey through time, in hopes to understand a tesseract as well as find her missing father.

Although L'Engle is not classified as a Christian writer, her novel definitely reflects her faith and has the same "feel" as a C.S. Lewis book. I enjoyed the religious parallels, but wondered if the target audience would pick up on them. As a parent, be aware that at the beginning of the book, Meg's father has been missing for one year. As such, there is mention that her father has run off and had an affair. The story is a bit tense at times and might frighten a younger audience.

Overall it is a fabulous read, and I am a little disappointed that it took so many years for me to finally read it.

Happy Reading

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