Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox
Author: Roald Dahl
Lexile® measure: 600L
DRA: 38
Guided Reading: P

My Recommended Age: Great for all ages!
Recently while going through my mom's collection of books, I found my childhood copy of Fantastic Mr. Fox.  Knowing that it was a book that I actually read, I snatched it up for my kids and brought it home.  

This early reader adventure is so fun as an early chapter book, as well as a great for read aloud for early elementary age kids.  It is the story of Mr. Fox and his family as they try and avoid being caught by three obsessed farmers.  Unfortunately, he and his family are cornered and Mr. Fox is forced to dig faster and farther, until he tunnels to right into the farmers storehouses!  

What a fun book!  As with any book where the plot is based on farmer vs. vermin, one wonders who is the good guy, especially when the good guy is a habitual thief.  Fortunately, the story is well written and does not include anything offensive. 

Happy Reading

On a side note - There is a movie based on this book, although I have not seen it. As I am all over movies based on books, I may have to fix that.  :)

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  1. My family loves the movie. It's clever (Roald Dahl) and the animation is independently entertaining. Plus we saw it with some fun friends, so that is part of the memory. I'd like to compare the book...Thanks, Liz!


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