The Scorch Trials

Maze Runner Series: Book 2 James Dashner
Lexile Level: 720L
A.R.Level: 5
My recommended reading age: 13 and up

Out of the oven and into the fire, or in the case of the gladers, the desert.  After escaping the maze Thomas and his friends expected safety, peace, or at least a rest.  This was not meant to be however, as their one night of calm awakens to circumstances more dire than before.  Clearly the boys are being tested, the question is why, and when will it end.  Forced to hike for miles across a scorching desert or face certain death, they set out on the next trial.  This time it's not just a test of strength, but also of friendship and loyalty.

This second volume of the series was excellent.  The story moves along with a totally new plot and several interesting twists.  I was relieved that Dashner made this trial so much different than the first so it wasn't the same story in a different setting.  There was mild violence and some rather gruesome details of sick people and killings, but not to the blood and gore extent that I found offensive.  Overall this was a great read and the only disappointment is that it will be at least a year until the last book.


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