Author: Emma Donoghue

Five year old Jack lives in the same 11x11 foot room day after day.  He counts his cereal and makes creative projects with the simplest of supplies.  To him this is all there is to life, and "outside" is just a made up place that exists only in television.  Of course his mom knows better, but has no way to escape her confinement, so she does everything she can to protect her son.  Then one day Jack makes a daring escape and is plunged into a face paced world for the first time in his life.  Together with his ma, he is forced to transition into "outside".

A friend recommended this book to me, and when I requested it from the library I was about 162 on the waiting list so I knew it must be a good read.  This isn't the type of story I would say "Oh, I loved it!", because it's not light hearted or funny. It's actually rather unsettling (I know, what do you expect from a kidnap book?), but I did enjoy reading it.  The author does an outstanding job showing how little things that we take for granted in the big outside world would be problematic to someone who had been confined their entire life.  There wasn't anything offensive in the book, but there are references to rape, and Jack talks factually about his body parts (in a 5 year old way).  An overall good read, just don't expect warm fuzzies upon completion.


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