On the second night of Christmas...How Murray Saved Christmas

How Murray Saved Christmas
Author: Mike Reiss
Illustrated By: David Catrow

Let me begin by saying that this is NOT your typical touching Christmas story.  The only tears that will come to your eyes with this one are those that result from laughter not charm. 

Little Ed the Elf has a great invention for Santa's toy bag.  Unfortunately, it knocks Santa out for the night and Ed is forced to use the local diner owner Murray Kleiner as a replacement.

This is a definite read aloud, and is perfect for boys! Last year, my son convinced most of the boys in his sixth grade class to use it for their holiday book report.  They made up a skit which included all of the finer lines and even composed a jingle to commemorate Murray. Anyway, as a family we all like this book and look forward to it ever year.

Merry Reading

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