Merry Christmas, BIG HUNGRY BEAR

Merry Christmas, BIG HUNGRY BEAR
Author: Don and Audrey Wood

Little Mouse is at home all ready for Christmas!  He is so excited about his decorations and presents, a stash that would make any preschooler drool!  That is until he remembers about "the big, hungry Bear in the cold, dark cave at the top of the hill" and how that bear would do anything to get a hold of Mouse's presents. ("Ohhh, how that Bear loves Christmas presents!") So it's out with the padlock, boards over the door, and tacks all over the floor.  Fortunately, Mouse has a change of heart and soon heads off to give Bear a surprise he'll never forget.

The illustrations in the book add to its charm and appeal as does the fun, repetitive text.  Of course, I love that Mouse learns to share and realizes how fun it is to give, not just receive.  Every year we try and read this early in the month so that we can draw names for our family gift exchange.  Another fun idea, is to have your kids look at the pictures on the last pages and imagine what is in all those big presents!  Then have a contest to see who can draw the funnest ones.  Either way, it adds a little fun family time into our nightly read.

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