First Book of Christmas...Christmas Magic

For the first book of Christmas, our family will read, "Christmas Magic" by Michael Garland.

In my humble opinion there isn't a better book to start off our season. The magic in this story refers to two snowpeople coming to life and dancing through the night on Christmas Eve. So of course, we will read the book and then have a family dance night...which we refer to as our holiday dance off and holiday hoe down. (We are already pushing the "hick" status, so I am sticking with holiday dance off...)

Last year was the first year we opened this book, and I can not remember a time when we laughed as hard as we did. I had found some Christmas cd's on clearance, so we even had some new music. We danced to Alvin and the Chipmunks singing Christmas songs, Looney Tunes Christmas, and Disney's Holiday Favorites. I "wow"ed the family with my lip syncing skills and we even had the dog moving and shanking. We danced and laughed for many hours, and when we finally looked at the clock and realized it was 10:30, we called it a night.

There is something magical about this activity...I don't think on a normal day I could pay my son to dance with his sisters, but he was twirling and kick lining with the rest of us...GOOD FUN!

Merry Reading

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