Just Take My Heart

Just Take My Heart
Author: Mary Higgins Clark

Cozying up under a blanket with a good mystery and a mug of hot cocoa, is my idea of a great winter day. As such, Mary Higgins Clark has always been a favorite of mine.

Gregg Aldrich has just been indicted for murdering his ex-wife, Natalie Raines. Although he claims his innocence, he is the only suspect in the case, until a slimy ex-con testifies that Aldrich hired him to kill his wife. While the prosecutor and recent heart transplant recipient, Emily Wallace, tries to instill confidence in the testifying criminal, serial killer Zach Lanning is secretly planning to kill her.

This book begins as a very typical Mary Higgins Clark, and then goes down hill from there. The entire story takes place during the trial, so character development is virtually absent. Also, the title didn't seem very fitting as the heart transplant was not a part of the story. There is nothing inappropriate about the story (although the serial killer was creepy and did steal her underwear), it just lacked substance and wasn't very good.

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