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...but of course how could we not review Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1.

Like the dedicated yet totally insane mom's that we are, we took our teenagers to the midnight release of the movie, with about a zillion other crazy fans.  As everyone knows, there is no way to put 784 pages of Harry Potter magic into a movie, even when it is split into 2 parts, but we have to admit that Warner Brothers made a very good effort!  While they had to cut many of the details that made the book worth reading, they managed to keep the most important parts of the story, as well as much the humor we love.  Fred and George were classic as always, and avid readers of the books will catch many lines taken directly from Rowling's work.

As great as the movie's humor was, it did little to offset how frightening it was.  After one particular scene, a young adult movie goer actually got up to leave and said, "I seriously just wet my pants a little".  We all laughed and he sat back down, but he was serious.... it was INTENSE for the full two hours and twenty-seven minutes.

Unfortunately, Warner Brothers didn't realize that Rowling kept her characters fully clothed, and thought a little wizard skin might add an artistic flair (one that the scary snake skin lacked).  Although the scenes are brief, they are "showy" and unnecessary.  Now, we are sure that you can google Harry Potter 7 movie clips and probably view them from the comfort of your own couch; however, beware that in our opinion, they are definitely inappropriate for kids of all ages.

That much being said, we did love this movie and we are anxiously awaiting the second episode due out July 15th, 2011.  Feel free to join us at a reserved seating theater at midnight.

Enjoy and Happy Viewing!
Liz and Becky

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  1. You guys are totally amazing, concise and got it just right. What a show it is! And your qualifiers are completely justified and appreciated. Thanks for consistently interesting, applicable and entertaining reviews!


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