Halloween Costume ideas :)

May I be the first to admit that Halloween is my LEAST favorite holiday.   Don't get me wrong, National Arm Waxing day is bad too, but really, as a parent is there anything worse than the expensive costumes, seemingly unlimited supply of candy, and the weeks of nightmares that follow? Perhaps the most unfortunate part of the whole experience, is that kids LOVE Halloween.  What is a parent to do? This year, we are compromising.  We are going to have a book themed Halloween. 

I got the idea several years ago, when my nephew's school had a "Dress as your favorite Book Character Party", instead of the traditional Halloween Celebration.  At the time, I thought, "I wonder how many Harry Potter's will be walking around", but I was soooo wrong.  The creativity of those parents inspired me, so this year my kids are all dressing as book characters.

My youngest daughter is going as Ladybug Girl, complete with her sidekick, BINGO the beagle (which will be played by our golden retriever).  My middle daughter will be adorning everything FANCY in our house as FANCY NANCY.  Finally, my oldest daughter is struggling to decide between Ramona, complete with egg in her hair, or Laura Ingalls.  As my son is too old for trick or treating, he will be dressed as a Muggle.

Now if I were a supermom, I would have a Halloween Fancy Nancy Tea for one child, a spooky Bug Squad playgroup for another, and maybe even a Ramona and Beezus movie night complete with hard-boiled eggs for my oldest daughter.  Unfortunately, even if I were to do all those things, I would still have to endure trick-or-treating.  So I will just take advantage of the easy home-made costumes that have inspired my kids to read these books over and over again. 

So before you give into to the $28.00 Grim Reaper outfit, or the $35.00 Princess costume, encourage your kids to be the Pigeon who wants to drive the bus, Stink, Clementine or Broccoli, Mr. Scary, Ruth Rose, or one of the Rainbow Magic Fairies.  For older kids,  Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson, Severus Snape, or yes, even Harry Potter.  Anyone, that is going to encourage them to open a book to find out what they need!

Happy Reading  Halloween

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  1. My daughter is going as Ladybug Girl, too. She loves those books.


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