The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner Trilogy: Book 1
Author: James Dashner
Lexile level: 770L
A.R. Level: 5.3
My Recommended reading age: 13 and up
Science Fiction

When Thomas awakens in a strange forest with no memory of his past life, and no idea how he got there, he is confused, afraid and angry.  Surrounded by new faces, Thomas quickly discovers he's been placed in the center of a giant maze, with no explanation or purpose for the imprisonment, and no escape in sight.  Unfortunately his arrival seems to be the catalyst that signals the beginning of the end of life in the maze.  Suddenly all of the players are forced to find the maze's impossible solution, which has been eluding them for years... their very lives depend on it.

This was a great book.  While science fiction doesn't usually top my personal best seller lists, I found this story to be exciting and entertaining.  It isn't predictable, yet the author does make it seem possible.  It reminded me a lot of the the book Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card (another good read).  This is definitely not a book for younger readers, as the kids are seemingly taken from their families and left to raise themselves in this maze.  There is violence and not so friendly monsters that are intent on killing the maze runners.  Overall, a good read and I am looking forward to book 2!


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  1. I always link to my library site while perusing this blog. Another one to read! Thanks.


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