A Little House Chapter Book Series

The Little House Chapter Books
Early Chapter Book Abridgement of Little House on the Prairie
Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder
Illustrated By: Renee Graef
Adapted By: Melissa Peterson
Guided Reading Level: M
Lexile Measure: 520L
My Recommended Age: All ages

As soon as PBS started showing re-runs of Little House on the Prairie, my girls began playing "wilderness". I would find them pretending our home was surrounded by big woods, or that our dog was a wild horse waiting to be broken. My favorite was when they asked for a picnic lunch wrapped up in a tea cloth, rather than a brown bag.  So of course when I came across this series in the book order, I had to take the $10.00 gamble.

Little House Chapter Books are written for those who want to read about Laura's adventures, but aren't quite ready for the classic novels. The adaptations are done very well, and are not "chopped up" like many abridged versions. They are sweet and fun to read, even for those who may be past an "M-reading level" (My 10-year old took the series out of my 6-year old's room...oh the argument they had over that one...)

This is definitely a great series for those early chapter book readers and their moms who have to follow and listen along.

Happy Reading

FYI~ As great as these are, they may be a little difficult to find. The "Laura" series is often found in the book orders and can usually be found at the library. Apparently, like the classics, there is also a Rose and Caroline series. My library doesn't have them so I might be forced to order them used. This is the most complete list I could find:

1.Brookfield Days
2.Caroline & Her Sister
3.Frontier Family
4.Brookfield Friends
5.A New Little Cabin

1.The Adventures of Laura & Jack
2.Pioneer Sisters
3.Animal Adventures
4.School Days
5.Laura and Nellie
6.Farmer Boy Days
7.Little House Farm Days
8.Hard Times on the Prairie
9.Little House Friends
10.Christmas Stories
11.Laura's Ma
12.Laura's Pa
13.Laura and Mr. Edwards
14.Little House Parties

1.Missouri Bound
2.Rose at Rocky Ridge
3.Rose & Alva
4.The Adventures of Rose & Swiney
5.Missouri School Days

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