Last Song

Last Song
Nicholas Sparks

Whenever I hear Nicholas Sparks, I immediately think of small southern towns in North or South Carolina, full meals consisting of cheese and olives, and death. Really, at the first sign of a cough or tired face, I immediately think, "Oh boy, the future doesn't look good for him..." 

Written for actress Miley Cyrus to play in the movie, this book feels different than Sparks' other novels.  Veronica, "Ronnie", is upset at her parents for divorcing and subsequently bitter towards her family in general, particularly her father.  As she is about to spend the summer at his beach house in North Carolina, Ronnie finds herself even more upset at the world in general.  She begins to soften as she meets a local young man, Will, who helps her care for a sea turtle nest near her home.  This softening is only the beginning as the truth about her family's past unfolds and she tries to make up for lost time.

When I first finished the book, and as I was reading it, I really didn't like Ronnie's character.  She was almost too bitter.  However, I am told that Sparks was right on the money with her character, and all teenage girls are bitter and "stuck in the center of their universe".  (Looks like I have my work cut out for me with three girls...)  Overall, the book was very predictable, but a good read for young girls.  In spite of a couple of characters smoking and drinking, Ronnie never did and the book was surprisingly clean and appropriate. 

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