Strawberry Shortcake Murder

Strawberry Shortcake Murder
Hannah Swensen Series #2
Joanne Fluke

I guess it tells alot about me, that I would pick up a novel full of dessert recipes, and a simple murder mystery to go with it. Really, the recipes look amazing!

The first annual Hartland Dessert Bake-off is being held in Lake Eden, with Hannah Swensen, the owner of The Cookie Jar, acting as head judge. Unfortunatley, the initial round is barely over before one of the judges is found in his garage dead, and his wife is the main suspect. Hannah will have to work overtime to find enough clues to free her friend from jail, all while keeping the town up to their ears in cookies.

This book is nothing more than a light-hearted feel good mystery. It is definately "a beach read" so it's a good thing I read it while on the beach. There is nothing deep in here, but it is an entertaining quick read and I enjoyed it.  For a murder mystery, it was clean and free from gory details.

On a lighter note, if I am EVER asked to move to this small town, I will run the other way. The series has 13 books in it, and at least one person is killed off in each book (we lost two in Strawberry Shortcake Murder). Considering the size of this small town, your odds of survival would be better as a free-fall cliff jumper into shark infested waters, but that is a minor detail.

Happy Reading

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