Safe Haven

Safe Haven
Author: Nicholas Sparks

In the small town of Southport, a new face is big news. However, Katie does not want to be the focus of anyone's attentions, as she is running from her abusive husband and horrible past. Although she tries to remain unnoticed, unexpected friendships with her next door neighbor Jo and the local store owner, Alex, help her realize that she does not want to be alone. Unfortunately, the closer she gets to Alex and his kids, the closer her abusive husband gets to finding her.

Although it probably won't be a recommended read for women's shelters, Safe Haven was still a great relaxing book. While dealing with a heavy topic, I was impressed with Spark's ability to separate the tension and stress that battered wives experience, while still keeping the romantic feel. As can be expected, there are a few scenes of abuse that made me twitch a bit. But overall, it kept the surprisingly clean romantic relationship at the forefront of my mind and I enjoyed it.

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