Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark

Kingdom Keepers Series: Book 1
Author: Ridley Pearson
Interest level: grades 5-9
Reading level: 4.2
Lexile Level: 640L
My recommended reading age: 11 and up
Fantasy Fiction

What could be cooler than being chosen as a Disney Interactive Host (DHI) at Disney World?  Finn Whitman can't believe his luck when he and 4 other kids are selected to be virtual tour guides in the Magic Kingdom theme park.  Yet, excitement turns to terror as he and the other kids start arriving in the park as their DHI images after closing time.  With the help of an old Disney Imagineer, the kids must work together to defeat some of Disney's most powerful villains who are alive and attempting to take over the Disney parks.

My kids have been trying to get me to read this series for a few years now.  Once I picked it up I was hooked.  The story was exciting, inventive, and even a little scary.  I kept picturing all of the places described in the book, and wishing I had read it before I visited there last year.  Be warned that this book is scary, I had several nightmares about the villains.  There is also a bit of rule breaking on the part of the DHI's.  Other than that this was a great book that all Disney fans will love!


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