I.Q. The White House

The I.Q. Series: Book 2
Author: Roland Smith
My recommended age: 12 and up

Having just survived their encounter with the Mossad terrorists, Q and Angela are quietly escorted into the White House for a relaxing stay.  But, in the middle of the night,  after only a few short hours there, they are summoned to meet with the President of the United States.  It seems that even he knows about the threat the Mossad posses, and is willing to enlist the help of 2 teenagers to foil the terrorist groups' plans.  The question is, who can Q. and Angela trust when there are spies everywhere, perhaps even in the Oval Office.  With the help of Boone and the Leopard, Q. and Angela work to foil a terrorist plot right under the Secret Service's nose.

This much awaited 2nd book in the I.Q. series did not disappoint.  It was fast paced and exciting right up to the last page.  Smith's writing style is captivating and kept us riveted throughout the book.  While this book was much less violent then the first, there is still the whole terrorist theme, along with a car bombing and a few murders.  It was not offensive or inappropriate, just not something you'd want to hand to a 3rd grader. Of course, this book is child's play compared to the newspaper.  So far, this a great series and we are looking forward to the next book.

Enjoy and Happy Reading!
Becky and Liz

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  1. Requested it from the library. Spy stuff intrigues me (since I could never pull it off...) and spy kids is fun. Sure, unrealistic, but fun.


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